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FastReport VCL 6 Professional Edition


FastReport VCL 6 Professional Edition is a reporting tool for Delphi and C++Builder developers, designed to create reports for Windows applications. It offers a wide range of features to help developers design and generate reports efficiently.

Key Features of FastReport VCL 6 Professional Edition:

Report Designer: Provides a visual report designer for designing and customizing reports.

Report Types: Supports various types of reports, including banded, master-detail, cross-tab, and subreports.

Data Sources: Allows developers to connect to different data sources, such as databases, datasets, and in-memory data.

Report Export: Supports exporting reports to various formats, including PDF, Excel, Word, HTML, and others.

Scripting: Offers a scripting engine for adding custom scripts to reports.

Charting: Includes charting capabilities for adding charts to reports.

Localization: Supports localization for creating reports in different languages.

Integration: Integrates with Delphi and C++Builder IDEs for seamless development.

Customization: Provides options for customizing report appearance, layout, and behavior.

Support and Updates: Includes technical support and regular updates to ensure compatibility with the latest development environments.

FastReport VCL 6 Professional Edition is suitable for developers who need a robust reporting tool for creating and generating reports in their Windows applications