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EViews 12 Academic



EViews 12 Academic is a statistical software package used for analyzing and modeling data, particularly in the fields of economics, finance, and business. It is widely used by researchers, analysts, and students to perform various econometric and statistical analyses.

Key Features of EViews 12 Academic:

Data Management: Allows users to import, manage, and manipulate data from various sources, including databases and spreadsheets.

Statistical Analysis: Provides a wide range of statistical tools and techniques for analyzing data, such as regression analysis, time series analysis, and panel data analysis.

Econometric Modeling: Supports advanced econometric modeling techniques, including ARIMA, VAR, and GARCH models.

Graphical Tools: Offers graphical tools for visualizing data and analysis results, including charts, graphs, and plots.

Forecasting: Includes tools for forecasting future values based on historical data and statistical models.

Programming: Allows users to write and execute scripts in the EViews programming language for automating tasks and customizing analyses.

Integration: Integrates with other software packages, such as Excel and R, for data import and export.

Academic Pricing: Offers special pricing for academic users, making it more accessible to students and educators.

EViews 12 Academic is a powerful tool for conducting empirical research, teaching econometrics, and analyzing economic and financial data. It is widely used in academic settings for research projects, coursework, and academic publications.