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Easeus Todo Backup Server


EaseUS Todo Backup Server is a backup and disaster recovery software designed specifically for Windows Server users. It provides comprehensive backup solutions to protect servers against data loss and system failure.

Key Features of EaseUS Todo Backup Server:

System Backup: Allows users to back up the entire Windows Server system, including the operating system, applications, and settings.

File and Folder Backup: Enables users to back up specific files and folders on the server.

Disk/Partition Backup: Supports backing up entire disks or partitions to protect against disk failure or data loss.

Exchange Server Backup: Provides backup solutions for Microsoft Exchange Server, including individual mailbox backup.

SQL Server Backup: Offers backup solutions for Microsoft SQL Server, including database backup and recovery.

Centralized Management: Allows IT administrators to manage and monitor backups for multiple servers from a central location.

Scheduled Backup: Supports scheduling automatic backups to ensure data is backed up regularly.

Incremental Backup: Offers incremental backup options to save time and storage space by only backing up changes since the last backup.

Universal Restore: Allows users to restore backups to different hardware configurations, making it useful for system migration or recovery to dissimilar hardware.

Pre-OS Recovery Environment: Includes a pre-OS recovery environment that allows users to restore their server even if the operating system is unbootable.

EaseUS Todo Backup Server is a reliable and cost-effective solution for businesses that need to protect their Windows Server environment against data loss and system failure.