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Dropbox Plus


Dropbox Plus is a subscription plan offered by Dropbox that provides additional features and benefits compared to the free Basic plan. Some key features of Dropbox Plus include:

Increased Storage: Dropbox Plus offers more storage space than the free Basic plan, typically ranging from 1 TB to 2 TB, depending on the subscription.

File Recovery and Version History: Dropbox Plus includes the ability to recover deleted files and access version history, allowing users to restore previous versions of files.

Offline Access: Users can access their files offline, allowing them to view and edit documents without an internet connection.

Priority Email Support: Dropbox Plus subscribers receive priority email support from Dropbox’s customer service team.

Remote Device Wipe: Dropbox Plus includes the ability to remotely wipe Dropbox data from a lost or stolen device to protect sensitive information.

Enhanced Sharing Controls: Dropbox Plus offers additional sharing controls, such as password-protected links and expiration dates for shared links.

Extended File Recovery: Dropbox Plus provides extended file recovery, allowing users to recover files for up to 30 days after deletion.

Dropbox Plus is designed for individuals and small businesses that need additional storage and features beyond what is offered in the free Basic plan