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DigiCert Standard SSL Certificate BASIC BUSINESS ChatGPT


DigiCert offers Standard SSL certificates that provide essential encryption and security features for websites. These certificates are suitable for businesses of all sizes looking to secure their websites and protect their customers’ data.

Key features of the DigiCert Standard SSL certificate may include:

Domain Validation (DV): Validates the ownership of the domain, ensuring that the certificate is issued to the rightful owner.

256-bit Encryption: Utilizes strong 256-bit encryption to secure data transmitted between the website and its visitors, ensuring confidentiality and integrity.

Trust Seal: Includes a DigiCert trust seal that can be displayed on the website to reassure visitors that the site is secure.

Compatibility: Compatible with all major web browsers and mobile devices, ensuring a seamless browsing experience for visitors.

Issuance Time: Standard SSL certificates are typically issued within minutes of validation, allowing for quick deployment.

Overall, the DigiCert Standard SSL certificate provides a cost-effective solution for businesses that need basic encryption and security features for their websites