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DigiCert Secure Site EV SSL


The DigiCert Secure Site EV SSL certificate is an Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificate that provides the highest level of authentication and security for websites. It offers the following key features:

Extended Validation: The certificate triggers the display of a green address bar in web browsers, indicating to visitors that the website is secured with an EV SSL certificate and has undergone rigorous verification.

256-bit Encryption: Utilizes 256-bit encryption to secure data transmitted between the website and its visitors, ensuring confidentiality and integrity.

Trust Seal: Includes a DigiCert trust seal that can be displayed on the website to reassure visitors that the site is secure and their information is protected.

Compatibility: Compatible with all major web browsers and mobile devices, ensuring a seamless browsing experience for visitors.

Validation Process: Requires a thorough validation process to verify the identity of the organization, ensuring that only legitimate businesses can obtain an EV SSL certificate.

Overall, the DigiCert Secure Site EV SSL certificate is a powerful tool for organizations that want to establish trust with their customers and demonstrate their commitment to security