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DigiCert S/MIME Certificate


DigiCert offers S/MIME (Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) certificates, which are used to secure email communications. S/MIME certificates provide authentication and encryption for email messages, ensuring that they can only be read by the intended recipients.

Key features of DigiCert S/MIME certificates may include:

Email Security: Encrypt email messages to protect sensitive information from being intercepted or read by unauthorized parties.

Authentication: Authenticate the sender’s identity, providing assurance to recipients that the email is from a legitimate source.

Digital Signatures: Digitally sign email messages to ensure that they have not been tampered with and to verify the sender’s identity.

Compatibility: Compatible with popular email clients and applications, ensuring easy integration and use.

Validity Period: Certificates are typically issued for a specified period (e.g., one year), after which they need to be renewed.

Overall, DigiCert S/MIME certificates are a reliable and trusted solution for securing email communications and protecting sensitive information sent via email