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Camtasia 2020 for Education


Camtasia 2020 for Education is a version of Camtasia 2020 specifically tailored for educational institutions, educators, and students. It offers all the features of the standard Camtasia 2020 software but may include additional benefits or licensing options designed for educational use.

Key features of Camtasia 2020 for Education may include:

Screen Recording: Record lectures, tutorials, and presentations with ease.

Video Editing: Edit recorded videos to enhance them with effects, annotations, and more.

Quizzing: Add quizzes to videos to engage students and assess their understanding.

Integration: Seamlessly integrate with learning management systems (LMS) for easy sharing and distribution of videos.

Accessibility: Ensure videos are accessible to all students with features like closed captions and audio descriptions.

Training and Support: Access training resources and support tailored for educators and students.

Licensing Options: Benefit from special pricing or licensing options for educational institutions.