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Cadcorp is a UK-based developer of geographic information system (GIS) and web mapping software. They provide a range of products and services for organizations looking to manage, analyze, and visualize spatial data. Cadcorp’s software is used in various industries, including government, utilities, transportation, and emergency services.

Key products and solutions offered by Cadcorp may include:

Cadcorp SIS: A suite of GIS software tools for desktop, web, and mobile mapping applications. It includes features for spatial analysis, data management, and map production.

Cadcorp GeognoSIS: A web mapping server that allows organizations to publish and share spatial data over the web. It supports a variety of data formats and can be integrated with other web applications.

Cadcorp Spatial Information Service: A cloud-based GIS platform that provides access to Cadcorp’s GIS software and data services over the internet. It offers scalable and flexible GIS solutions for organizations of all sizes.

Cadcorp INSPIRE Spatial Database Extension: A tool that extends the capabilities of Cadcorp SIS to support the requirements of the INSPIRE directive in Europe. It helps organizations comply with INSPIRE data sharing and interoperability standards