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CAD Exchanger Perpetual License Single User


CAD Exchanger offers a Perpetual License for a single user, providing access to their CAD data exchange software indefinitely. With this license, users can convert, view, and analyze 3D models in various formats, making it easier to collaborate and work with CAD data from different sources.

Key features of CAD Exchanger’s software may include:

CAD Data Conversion: Convert 3D models between different CAD formats, allowing users to work with files from various software packages.

Model Viewing: View 3D models in different formats, enabling users to visualize and analyze designs.

Model Analysis: Analyze 3D models for properties such as geometry, topology, and metadata.

Automation: Automate data exchange tasks to improve workflow efficiency.

Integration: Integrate CAD Exchanger into existing workflows and applications using its API.

The Perpetual License Single User provides the user with ongoing access to the software without the need for annual renewals. This type of license is ideal for individuals or small teams who need long-term access to CAD data exchange capabilities