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Briscad Platinum Perpetual


BricsCAD Platinum is a more advanced version of BricsCAD, offering additional features and capabilities compared to BricsCAD Classic. Like BricsCAD Classic, BricsCAD Platinum is also available as a perpetual license, meaning you pay once and can use the software indefinitely, though updates and support may require additional fees after an initial period.

Key features of BricsCAD Platinum may include:

Advanced 3D Modeling: Enhanced 3D modeling tools for creating complex 3D models.

BIM (Building Information Modeling): BIM features for architects and building professionals.

Sheet Metal Design: Tools for creating sheet metal components and designs.

Parametric Components: Create and modify parametric components to streamline design workflows.

3D Constraints: Apply geometric constraints to 3D models to maintain design intent.

Render Engine Integration: Integration with third-party render engines for high-quality rendering.