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BricsCAD Pro Perpetual


BricsCAD Pro is a comprehensive CAD software solution that offers a wide range of features for 2D drafting, 3D modeling, and BIM (Building Information Modeling). BricsCAD Pro is available as a perpetual license, which means you pay a one-time fee for the software and can use it indefinitely. However, access to updates and technical support may require additional fees after an initial period.

Key features of BricsCAD Pro may include:

2D Drafting: Create detailed 2D drawings with a comprehensive set of drafting tools.

3D Modeling: Build precise 3D models using solid, surface, and mesh modeling tools.

BIM Support: Use BIM tools to design, model, and document buildings and structures.

Parametric Components: Create and modify parametric components to streamline design workflows.

Mechanical Design: Tools for mechanical design and engineering, including sheet metal design.

Customization: Customize the software with macros, scripts, and third-party applications using the BRX API.