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Bootstrap Template


Bootstrap is a popular front-end framework for building responsive and mobile-first websites. Bootstrap provides a set of CSS and JavaScript components that can be used to create a wide variety of web designs.

Bootstrap templates are pre-designed web page layouts that leverage the Bootstrap framework. These templates typically include HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files that you can use as a starting point for your own website. They often include components like navigation bars, buttons, forms, and grids, styled with Bootstrap’s CSS classes.

There are many sources where you can find Bootstrap templates, including:

Official Bootstrap Website: The official Bootstrap website ( offers a variety of templates and examples that you can use for free.

Bootstrap Template Marketplaces: There are several online marketplaces, such as WrapBootstrap and Creative Tim, where you can purchase premium Bootstrap templates with more advanced features and customization options.

Open-Source Template Repositories: Websites like GitHub and GitLab host repositories of open-source Bootstrap templates that you can use and modify for free.