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Bitvise SSH Server


Bitvise SSH Server is a secure file transfer and terminal shell access software solution for Windows. It allows users to securely transfer files and access the command-line interface of a Windows computer over SSH (Secure Shell) protocol.

Key features of Bitvise SSH Server include:

Secure Shell (SSH) Protocol: Provides encrypted communication between the client and server, ensuring data security.

SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol): Allows for secure file transfers between the client and server.

Remote Desktop (RDP) Tunneling: Enables secure RDP access to Windows computers over SSH.

Port Forwarding: Allows users to securely forward ports from the server to the client.

User Authentication: Supports various authentication methods, including password, public key, and keyboard-interactive.

Access Control: Provides granular control over user access and permissions.

Logging and Monitoring: Logs all SSH server activity and provides monitoring and reporting capabilities