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Beyond Compare 4 Pro


Beyond Compare 4 Pro is a powerful file and folder comparison tool developed by Scooter Software. It is designed to help users compare files and folders, merge changes, synchronize files and folders, and more. Beyond Compare 4 Pro offers a wide range of features to assist with file and folder management tasks.

Key features of Beyond Compare 4 Pro may include:

File Comparison: Compare files side-by-side using a visual text comparison tool or a binary comparison tool.

Folder Comparison: Compare folders and view differences between files in different folders.

Merge Changes: Merge changes from one file or folder into another to synchronize changes.

Synchronization: Synchronize files and folders between different locations, ensuring that they are up to date.

Text Comparison: Compare text files and highlight differences, making it easy to identify changes.

Image Comparison: Compare images side-by-side to identify differences in pixel values.

Directory Comparison: Compare directory structures to identify differences in file and folder organization.

FTP and SFTP Support: Connect to FTP and SFTP servers to compare files and folders directly.

Syntax Highlighting: Syntax highlighting for various programming languages, making it easier to read and compare code files