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ATLAS.ti Educational Single User License (PC + Mac)


ATLAS.ti is a qualitative data analysis software package used in academic and research settings to analyze large bodies of text, audio, video, or image data. It provides a range of tools for coding, organizing, and analyzing qualitative data, helping researchers to identify patterns, themes, and relationships within their data.

The “Educational Single User License (PC + Mac)” indicates that the software is licensed for educational use by a single user and is compatible with both PC and Mac operating systems. This type of license is typically offered at a discounted rate for students, faculty, and staff of educational institutions.

With an ATLAS.ti Educational Single User License, users can access the full range of features and functionality offered by the software, including:

Coding: The ability to assign codes to segments of text, audio, video, or image data to categorize and organize it.

Querying: The ability to perform complex queries and searches to identify patterns and relationships within the data.

Visualization: Tools for visualizing data, such as through network or cluster analysis, to reveal connections and patterns.

Team Collaboration: Features for collaborating with other researchers, such as sharing projects and coding schemes.

Reporting: The ability to generate reports and visualizations to communicate findings