Asana Premium



Help your team do its best work with Asana Premium

Go beyond to-do lists and get the features you need to plan and manage projects—from start to finish.

Take your work to the next level

Plan better projects, track what’s important to your team, and get everyone on the same page—so you can produce better work, faster.


Increase your team’s efficiency by 45%

Teams report they get more done with less time and resources when using Asana Premium because its powerful features help them execute work successfully.


Get more power and features

With Premium, you and your team can manage every project and hit your deadlines.

Plan better projects

Use Timeline to create project plans with start dates and dependencies so you can stay on schedule and hit your deadlines—even as work changes.

Customize your processes

Create custom templates for work your team does often and track the data that’s most important to you with custom fields, so projects are successful every time.

Report on Progress

Run Advanced Search reports on the criteria you care about to see how work is progressing and where to focus your effort.

Control your work

Create private and comment-only projects for sensitive work, so it’s seen by the right people and your data stays intact.



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