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ArcGIS Desktop Advance – Primary License


ArcGIS Desktop Advanced, often referred to as ArcGIS Desktop (formerly known as ArcInfo), is a comprehensive GIS software package offered by Esri. It provides advanced capabilities for spatial analysis, data management, and cartography.

The term “Primary License” typically refers to the main or initial license purchased for the software. This license allows the user to install and use ArcGIS Desktop Advanced on a single machine. Additional licenses may be required for concurrent or multi-user access, depending on the organization’s needs and licensing model.

Key features of ArcGIS Desktop Advanced may include:

Advanced Spatial Analysis: Perform complex spatial analysis tasks, such as overlay analysis, proximity analysis, and raster analysis.

Data Management: Manage and manipulate spatial data from various sources, including databases, spreadsheets, and web services.

Geoprocessing Tools: Access a wide range of geoprocessing tools for tasks such as buffering, clipping, and spatial statistics.

3D Visualization: Create and visualize 3D data and perform 3D analysis to gain new insights into your data.

Cartography: Design high-quality maps for print or digital use, with advanced cartographic tools and symbol libraries.

Network Analysis: Perform network analysis tasks, such as routing and location-allocation, to optimize transportation and logistics.

Geodatabase Management: Manage and maintain geodatabases for storing and organizing spatial data.