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Analytica makes decision-making transparent and easy with its influence diagrams and powerful built-in probabilistic analysis. Influence diagrams to make it easy not only to understand the model but also to distinguish key decision-making variables and their relationships. Built-in tools for managing risk and uncertainty include Monte Carlo and Latin Hypercube. Scenario and sensitivity analysis lets decision-makers know which variables are most important and why.

Analytica Features

Statistical Analysis

  • Multivariate AnalysisForecasting
  • Regression Analysis
  • Statistical Simulation
  • Time Series


Decision Support

  • Application Development
  • Data Analysis
  • Monte Carlo Simulation
  • Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Decision Tree Analysis
  • Performance Metrics
  • Performance Metrics
  • Version Control


Risk Management

  • Operational Risk Management
  • Risk Assessment
  • Internal Controls Management



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