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Agisoft Metashape Standard


Agisoft Metashape Standard is a version of the photogrammetry software that offers a more basic set of features compared to the Professional version. While specific features may vary depending on the version and updates, here are some common features of Agisoft Metashape Standard:

Photogrammetry Processing: Like the Professional version, Metashape Standard uses algorithms to analyze overlapping photographs and reconstruct 3D geometry.

Point Cloud and Mesh Generation: It can generate dense point clouds and mesh models from photographs, capturing the shape and texture of objects in the scene.

Texture Mapping: The software can apply photographs as textures onto the 3D models to provide realistic visual appearance.

Orthophoto Generation: Metashape Standard can produce orthophotos, which are 2D maps with uniform scale and minimal distortion.

Data Export: It supports various file formats for exporting the generated 3D models, point clouds, orthophotos, and other outputs.

Basic Editing Tools: Metashape Standard may include basic editing tools for cleaning up and refining 3D models.

Limited Processing Options: Compared to the Professional version, the Standard version may have limitations on the number of photos or size of projects that can be processed.

No Python Scripting: The Standard version typically does not include a Python scripting interface for automation and customization of workflows