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Advanced Office Password Recovery Home Edition


Advanced Office Password Recovery, developed by ElcomSoft Co. Ltd., is a comprehensive password recovery solution for gaining access to password-protected documents created in various versions of Microsoft Office and other office suites. It is a trial version program available for Windows.

Key Features:

  • Microsoft Office Compatibility: Supports all versions of Microsoft Office, from Office 2.0 to the latest Office 365 builds, including legacy formats (.doc, .xls).
  • Instant Access: Provides instant password recovery for certain types of password-protected documents, especially in older Office versions like Word and Excel 97, and 2000.
  • GPU Acceleration: Supports multiple video cards and simultaneous CPU-GPU core operation for faster password recovery.
  • Dictionary and Brute-Force Attacks: Offers both dictionary-based and brute-force attacks to recover passwords efficiently.
  • Targeted Encryption Key Approach: For older Office documents with weak 40-bit encryption, it targets the encryption key instead of the original password, guaranteeing recovery.
  • Compatibility with Other Suites: Supports OpenDocument formats used in OpenOffice, Apple iWork, Hangul/Hancell Office, WordPerfect Office, and Lotus SmartSuite.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Features an intuitive design with a multilingual interface and step-by-step guides for all users