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Adobe Fresco for Teams / Year


Adobe Fresco for Teams is a subscription service that allows teams to create digital artwork using realistic oil and watercolor brushes, vector brushes, and other digital tools. Here’s a summary of Adobe Fresco for Teams with a yearly subscription:

Product: Adobe Fresco for Teams

Subscription Type: Yearly subscription, meaning you pay for the subscription on a yearly basis

Features: Includes access to Adobe Fresco, which is designed for digital artists and illustrators. It offers a variety of brushes, including live brushes that mimic the behavior of real oil and watercolor brushes, as well as vector brushes for clean, scalable lines.

Usage: Designed for teams of digital artists and illustrators who create artwork for various purposes, including illustrations, animations, and digital paintings.

Benefits: Enables teams to collaborate on digital artwork, share assets, and work together on creative projects.

Collaboration: Offers collaboration tools that allow team members to share and review artwork, provide feedback, and work together on projects.

Compatibility: Compatible with Windows and macOS operating systems.