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AddOn Channel Teamviewer / Year


eamViewer, a popular remote desktop and online collaboration software. The “Year” in your query likely indicates a subscription plan that provides access to additional features or channels within TeamViewer for a period of one year.

Here’s a general overview of what an add-on channel subscription for TeamViewer might include:

Additional Channels: The add-on channel subscription allows you to add more channels to your TeamViewer license. Channels are used to establish remote connections, and each channel allows one remote session at a time.

Increased Capacity: By adding more channels, you can increase the number of simultaneous remote sessions you can establish, allowing you to support more users or devices concurrently.

Enhanced Features: Some add-on channel subscriptions may include access to enhanced features or functionality within TeamViewer, such as advanced remote control options, file transfer capabilities, or integration with other software systems.

Subscription Duration: The subscription is typically valid for one year, after which it may need to be renewed to continue using the additional channels and features.

Compatibility: The add-on channel subscription is compatible with your existing TeamViewer license, allowing you to seamlessly integrate the additional channels into your current setup.