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Cisco Smart Licensing is a new licensing model introduced by Cisco to simplify the customer experience and provide greater insight into software license ownership and consumption. It offers a flexible licensing approach that streamlines the activation and management of software licenses.

Key Features:

  • License Management: It provides a centralized platform called a Cisco Smart Account, which allows you to organize and activate product licenses, monitor license usage, and track Cisco license purchases.
  • Efficiency: With a Smart Account, you can access all your Cisco software licenses and entitlements across your organization, eliminating the need to depend on providers for license distribution.
  • Visibility and Insight: You gain visibility into your deployed devices and software as well as automatic license activation.
  • License Flexibility: You can organize licenses by departments, locations, or license types using up to 200 Virtual Accounts.
  • Reduced Order Lead Times: The time required for order fulfillment is significantly reduced compared to traditional licensing methods.
  • Self-Registration for Smart License-Enabled Products: Products with Smart Licenses will self-register by simply entering one company token during product configuration, removing the need to enter PAKs.
  • Security: For highly secure environments, Cisco offers the Permanent License Reservation (PLR), which eliminates the need for frequent access to the License Authority