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AC3D 6.2 for Linux (32 bit)



–       edit larger, more complex models with the new 64-bit AC3D

–       import EVEN MORE formats for 3D geometry and images (textures)

–       automatically select “degenerate UVs”

–       instantly thicken 2D objects


AC3D is now 64-bit so that you can enjoy working on larger models (requires a 64 bit operating system).

EVEN MORE file format support

AC3D 8.3 imports a huge number of 3D file formats.  Some of the existing file format support has been updated so that models load faster. The number of image formats has also been extended.

New/updated 3D file import formats Supported image types (textures/ background)
.mdl (3D GameStudio (3DGS))
.x3d (3D GameStudio (3DGS) Terrain)
.3ds (3D Studio)
.ase (3d Studio ASE)
.fbx (Autodesk fbx)
.blend (Blender)
.b3d (Blitz 3D)
.dae (Collada)
.x (Direct X)
.md5 (Doom 3)
.dxf (DXF Autocad)
.gltf (Gl Transmisson Format)
.glb (GLB format)
.irrmesh (Irrlicht Mesh)
.ndo (Izware Nendo)
.lwo (Lightwave object)
.lws (Lightwave scene)
.ms3d (Milkshape 3D)
.lxo (Modo)
.nff (Neutral File Format)
.off (Object File Format)
.xml (Ogre XML)
.ogex (Open Game Engine Exchange)
.raw (Povray Raw)
.md1 (Quake 1)
.md2 (Quake II Mesh)
.pk3 (Quake III Map/BSP)
.md3 (Quake III Mesh)
.q3d (Quick3D)
.q3s (Quick3D)
.sense8 (Sense8 WorldToolkit)
.ply (Stanford Polygon Library)
.stl (STL)
.ter (Terragen Terrain)
.cob (Truespace COB)
.scn (Truespace SCN)
.3ds (Unreal 3D)
.smd (Valve Model SMD)
.vta (Valve Model VTA)
.obj (Wavefront Object File Format)
.x3d (X3D)
.xgl (XGL)
.zgl (ZGL)
.bmp BMP
.dds DirectDraw Surface
.gif GIF
.rot Homeworld 2
.jpg Jpeg
.jpe Jpeg
.jpeg Jpeg
.jp2 Jpeg
.iff Interchange File Format
.pbm Portable BitMap
.pix Alias/Wavefront
.pgm PGM
.png Portable Network Graphics
.psd Adobe Photoshop
.psp PaintShop Pro
.pnm PNM
.pxr Pixar
.raw Raw data
.rgb .rgba .sgi .bw Silicon Graphics
.tga Truevision Targa
.tif Tagged File Format
.tpl GameCube texture
.utx Unreal Texture
.wal Quake Texture
.vtf Valve Texture Format
.xpm X-Window PixMap



Degenerate UVs? Are your textures causing “marching ants”?

When there are problems with a texture-map they can be very hard to spot. Sometimes, problems will only reveal themselves in a final application that’s displaying your 3D model, and then only on some, but not all, graphics cards.

Problem areas can show up as blank areas or fuzzy moving pixels – “marching ants”.

These are generally caused by “degenerate UVs” – essentially texture coordinates that don’t map to a valid area on the texture/normal map.

Surfaces with degenerate UVs highlighted in X-Plane

AC3D 8.3 includes a function to select all surfaces which have “degenerate UVs”.  Simply switch to Surface select-mode and then choose menu Edit->Select-Surfaces->with degenerate-UVs.

If there are any badly textured surfaces, they will be selected in AC3D so you can easily see where they are.

Any Surfaces with bad texture mapping will usually appear in AC3D’s Texture Coordinate Editor as either lines or single points:

It’s then just a case of mapping these so that they map onto a valid area on the texture.  In this case, front and side mappings made the valid areas appear. :


The new Thicken function (Object menu) adds the powerful ability to turn single layer objects into fully-shelled 3D objects with a defined ‘thickness’.

You can choose the direction of thickness (in, out, both) and specify a final thickness for the shape.

Thicken is handy on lines too:

Extrude has now been simplified. Using a combination of Extrude, Thicken and Extrude-edges (Vertex menu), it’s now easier to add extra surfaces without introducing unwanted additional geometry.

For a full list of other changes, see the ‘changes’ list that comes with the AC3D installer

Download the new AC3D 8.3:

License upgrades

AC3D will let you know if you need to upgrade your license.  Mac users will need to enter their license key (via the Help menu inside AC3D), if they’ve not run a recent 64-bit Beta.   Please visit the Upgrade Center to purchase a new discounted license for AC3D:

Are you still supporting Linux?

Of course, we’ll have the Linux version ready soon – we’ll let you know.

Happy modeling!



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