Voltage SecureMail On-Premises



“Send Secure” button for Outlook

An easy-to-use “Send Secure” button on Outlook gives users control over encryption in an intuitive user experience.

Simple web and mobile interfaces

The web interface makes it easy for recipients to view and reply to messages, and a mobile app enables end-to-end protection on devices.

Unlimited scalability

Stateless key management enables virtually unlimited scalability to millions of users with low operating costs and infrastructure.


SecureMail On-Premises Standard

SecureMail On-Premises Standard is a powerful end-to-end encrypted email solution available for desktop, cloud, and mobile, scalable to millions of users leveraging stateless key management and offering several advanced add-on features.

SecureMail On-Premises Enterprise

Global enterprise email encryption solution with extensive add-on features and customized user experience including custom branding and multi-language support.



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