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vMix Basic HD


vMix Basic HD is a live video production and streaming software designed for professionals and hobbyists alike. Key Features:

  • Live Video Mixing: vMix Basic HD allows users to mix and switch between multiple live video sources, including cameras, video files, and external inputs.
  • HD Video Support: The software supports HD video resolutions up to 1080p, providing high-quality video output.
  • Real-Time Effects: vMix Basic HD includes a range of real-time effects, such as transitions, chroma keying, and color correction, to enhance the visual appeal of live productions.
  • Audio Mixing: The software allows users to mix and control audio levels, including support for multiple audio sources and audio effects.
  • Streaming and Recording: vMix Basic HD enables users to stream live video to popular platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch, and record productions for later use