Verastream Process Designer



Get creative in the design studio

Build powerful new workflows in the Verastream design studio by combining mainframe web services and web services from other applications. A rich, graphical environment guides you through the process, letting you orchestrate services using an intuitive, drag-and-drop workspace.

Use the architectural style that fits

Verastream supports both Simple Object Access Protocol and Representational State Transfer. Many services that were once SOAP-based are now RESTful – an interface widely used to meet modern demands such as mobile implementations.

See how they run

One-button deployment to the enterprise-scalable runtime server lets you test your processes and see how they’ll perform in a real-world scenario. Then you’re ready to edit them or import them to other systems.

Ensure ongoing interoperability

End-to-end standards compliance protects your Verastream projects from obsolescence and offers portability across platforms, operating systems, development environments, and disparate products.



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