Verastream Bridge Integrator



Dive deeper into CICS

View your CICS application fully via BMS maps. Want to import complex COBOL copybook structures? It’s a simple drag-and-drop. You get multiple options for deciphering the CICS app and reusing the right amount of its business logic.

Own the entire process

Access to BMS maps means you can use the inherent CICS workflow to create services that preserve carefully coded processes. Reformat copybooks into transactional services and orchestrate them using a visual design tool.

Image: The Verastream tool allows developers to visually interact with the IBM Link3270 and BMS maps.

Speed up performance

Interact directly with the business logic that governs screen creation and get seriously fast performance. A task that requires navigating through 10 screens in a CICS 3270 application takes 4.57 seconds. Verastream takes only 0.1 second – a 1,668% gain.

Achieve all-inclusive SOA

Build standard communication across systems inside and outside of CICS. Composable services form the foundation, and anyone familiar with web services can use them.

Image: Verastream Process Designer (included with Verastream Bridge Integrator) provides an intuitive studio for building business processes.



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