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Vegas Movie Studio 17 Suite


Vegas Movie Studio 17 Suite, developed by MAGIX, is a non-linear editing (NLE) software aimed at consumers to prosumers. It offers a range of video editing and creation tools and includes the FXhome Ignite Advanced VFX Pack for additional visual effects and transitions.

Key Features:

  • Advanced Audio and Video Effects: It comes with a variety of effects, transitions, and compositing for crafting visually appealing videos.
  • Interactive Storyboard Editing: The storyboard mode lets you easily organize clips and see the in-point of each clip. It includes new features such as the ability to use a clip in multiple storyboard entries.
  • Powerful Video Engine: Vegas Movie Studio 17 supports major formats, including HEVC, and utilizes hardware acceleration for quicker video editing. The software also has smooth real-time previews and faster rendering.
  • Color Management: With the unified color grading panel, you can adjust colors, saturation, and gain. There is also secondary color correction, letting you fine-tune specific colors.
  • Text and Titles: The software offers tools for adding text and titles, including 30 new modern fonts and the ability to pin text to objects.
  • Multicam Support: It enables simultaneous editing of up to four camera feeds, with the ability to switch between angles.
  • Stabilization and Lens Correction: Vegas Movie Studio features ProDAD’s acclaimed Mercalli V2 video stabilization, as well as a lens correction plug-in to fix geometric distortion.
  • Music Creation: The included Music Maker tool allows you to compose music and create soundtracks using a simple drag-and-drop interface.
  • Format Flexibility: It provides broad compatibility, supporting various import and export formats and high-definition video editing, including 4K.
  • Blu-ray Authoring: The software includes tools for DVD and Blu-ray creation, with support for menus and surround-sound audio
  • Export Options: Vegas Movie Studio 17 Suite allows for easy exporting to social media platforms, including Facebook, Vimeo, and YouTube