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Ubuntu Advantage Standard Virtual Server 1 year


Ubuntu Advantage Standard Virtual Server 1 Year is a support package for Ubuntu Server, providing standard-level support and services for virtual servers running Ubuntu. It is designed for businesses and organizations that require a stable and secure Ubuntu environment with additional support features in virtualized environments.

Key Features:

  • Security Updates: Receive security updates and patches for Ubuntu, ensuring protection from known vulnerabilities.
  • Bug Fixes: Get access to bug fixes and maintenance updates, ensuring system stability and reliability.
  • 24/7 Phone and Email Support: Get 24/7 phone and email support, with a 1-hour response time for critical issues.
  • Online Support Resources: Access online support resources, including knowledge base articles, FAQs, and community forums.
  • System Management Tools: Use system management tools, including Landscape, to automate and manage Ubuntu systems.
  • Virtualization Support: Receive support for popular virtualization platforms, including VMware, KVM, and Xen.
  • Guest OS Support: Get support for Ubuntu as a guest operating system in virtualized environments.
  • Priority Access: Get priority access to Canonical’s support engineers, ensuring faster resolution of issues