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UAV Toolbox


UAV Toolbox is a software solution that provides a comprehensive set of tools for unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) design, simulation, and analysis, enabling engineers and researchers to design, simulate, and analyze UAV systems.

Key Features:

  1. UAV Design: Provides a range of tools for designing UAV systems, including airframe, propulsion, and avionics design.
  2. Simulation and Analysis: Offers simulation and analysis tools for simulating UAV flight dynamics, aerodynamics, and performance.
  3. Sensor Modeling: Enables users to model and simulate various sensors, including cameras, lidar, and GPS.
  4. Flight Control Systems: Provides tools for designing and simulating flight control systems, including autopilot and navigation systems.
  5. Data Analysis: Offers data analysis tools for analyzing flight data, including flight trajectory, speed, and orientation.


  • Provides a comprehensive set of tools for UAV design, simulation, and analysis
  • Enables users to design and simulate UAV systems with ease
  • Offers advanced simulation and analysis capabilities for improved design and performance
  • Supports sensor modeling and simulation for realistic scenario testing
  • Enables data analysis and visualization for informed decision-making