Toad for Oracle – DBA Edition




• Ensures proper maintenance — Gain better database visibility as well as improved task navigation and automation
• Improves performance — Get accurate diagnoses and easily resolve performance problems created by inefficient code or inappropriate database configuration
• Predicts change impact — Conduct what-if analysis and testing to reduce the risk of production downtime
• Increases productivity — Reduce your workload with automation and improved workflow that increases consistency and accuracy, enabling you to become more proactive and focus on longer-term tasks

Whether you are new to Oracle or a seasoned Oracle pro, Toad for Oracle DBA Edition will make you a more productive and proactive DBA. For example, if you are a production DBA in a small-to-medium-sized shop, Toad for Oracle DBA Edition will help you anticipate and respond to performance problems before end users are impacted.
If you are a development DBA, the solution will help you manage and prepare the development and testing environment for production.


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