Toad Data Point


Access and prepare data for faster business insights

Organizations know they need to be more data-driven but feel unprepared for an expensive full data science-driven analytics platform. What if you could empower your current data and business analysts to meet their own reporting and data prep needs? What if your analysts could perform their own data integration? What if you could do all this without buying a high-cost platform and hiring specialists?

You can with Toad Data Point. Seamlessly access more than 50 data sources – both on premises and in the cloud – and switch between these data sources with near-zero transition times. Connect, query and prepare data for faster business insights. Easy data profiling and cleansing, simplified data federation slashes up to 50 percent of your time to routine data delivery and enables you to take a huge leap in being more data driven.


Connect to over 50 data sources

Connect directly to nearly every data source — files, relational, non-relational, cloud or on-premises, NoSQL including Hadoop, MongoDB, Cassandra, Dynamo and more.

Toad Workbook

Simplify your report-building process. Build reusable workflows and run them all using a single button. Output to several locations at once.

Blend data

Blend data from multiple sources in a single query, profile and prepare data for consumption, export outputs to files or other databases.

Automate reporting

Eliminate manual, error-prone processes through easy to use automation routines for enhanced productivity and reporting accuracy.

Speed up SQL development

Build complex queries against multiple data sources with a graphical interface to speed up SQL development. Elevate your proficiency working interchangeably between the graphical query builder and the SQL editor.

Reduce reporting costs

Save time and money with a cost-efficient, flexible solution for data analysis that solves a wide variety of data preparation problems.




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