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Product Details

Statusbrew is a scalable and customizable social media marketing and management platform that permits sales, marketing, and customer service or care teams to unlock the power of social media and find opportunities to understand their prospects or customers better and engage with them on the social media channels they belong to more effectively. Statusbrew is crafted to streamline many social media-related activities and tasks which are performed and accomplished through team effort and collaboration. Among these activities and tasks include creating, planning, scheduling, and publishing social media posts and contents.


Statusbrew Features

  • Social Media Publishing
  • Organizes All Contents in a Common Pool
  • Perform Accurate Social Content Planning
  • Schedule Posts Based on Audience’s Time Zones
  • Publish Posts To Multiple Social Media Networks at Once
  • Team Management and Collaboration
  • Assign Social Groups and Profiles to Team Members
  • Monitor the Performance of Each Team Member
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Access All Social Messages and Conversations from a Single Inbox
  • Automatically Assign Messages and Conversations Based on Specific Criteria
  • Real-Time Monitoring of Conversations
  • Social Listening
  • Follow Conversations that Talk About Your Brand and Business
  • Create Queries For Searching Conversations
  • Track Conversations Using Hashtags and Keywords
  • Analyze What Audiences Think and Feel About Your Brand and Business
  • Reporting
  • Understand Prospects and Customers’ Perception and Behavior
  • Measure and Analyze Content Performance
  • Analytics and Insights for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn


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