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Stata/IC 16 Software Academic

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Stata/IC 16 Software Academic is a statistical analysis software package designed specifically for academic users, including students, teachers, and researchers. Key Features:

  1. Statistical Analysis: Provides a wide range of statistical techniques, including regression, time-series analysis, and panel data analysis.
  2. Data Management: Offers advanced data management capabilities, including data manipulation, merging, and reshaping.
  3. Graphics: Includes a variety of graph types, such as scatterplots, bar charts, and histograms, to visualize data.
  4. Programming Language: Features a built-in programming language, allowing users to create custom commands and automate tasks.
  5. Data Visualization: Enables users to create interactive visualizations, including dashboards and web-based reports.
  6. Academic Discounts: Offers discounted pricing for academic users, making it an affordable option for students and researchers.

Benefits for Academic Users:

  • Comprehensive statistical analysis capabilities
  • Advanced data management and manipulation features
  • High-quality graphics and visualization capabilities
  • User-friendly interface and programming language
  • Affordable pricing for academic users

Academic Edition Features:

  • No limitations on the number of observations or variables
  • Includes all features from the standard edition
  • Eligible for academic pricing