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 Your Data is in Excel. Why isn’t Your Analysis?

Control chart in SPC XL


XbarR, XbarS, Individuals, n, p, u, and np Charts. Update charts after they’ve been created. Identify outliers and have them displayed without affecting the control limiits.


Histogram, Capability Analysis (Cpk), Scatter Plot (with regression fitting), Pareto, Dot Plot, Box Plots, Multiple Regression, Hypothesis Testing, Confidence Intervals, and Sample Size Calculations.


Measurement System Analysis (Gage R&R) for both Quantitative and Binomial Data, Cause and Effect Diagram, Main Effects Plots, Cusum, Product Capability, FMEA, and Distribution Calculators.


Excel Integration

SPC XL integrates into Excel, streamlining your workflow and saving you time.

SPC XL integrates into Excel to speedup your data analysis workflow. Instead of copy and pasting your data into another application, with SPC XL you can store, analyze, and present your results within Excel.

  • Control Chart Wizard to help you pick and start the optimal chart
  • Update control charts without recreating them
  • Mark outliers which are still plotted but do not affect control limits
  • Cpk and Ppk analysis optionally created with Control Charts
  • Available Control Charts
    • XbarR Chart
    • Xbar S Chart
    • Individuals Moving Range Chart
    • n Chart
    • p Chart
    • np Chart
    • u Chart
  • Diagram Selection Wizard to help you pick the best diagram
  • Histogram with Normal Overlay
  • Capability Analysis Diagram (Cpk)
  • Scatter Plot with regression fitting
  • Pareto Chart
  • Summary Stats with Dot Plot
  • Box Plot
  • Multiple Regression
  • Hypothesis Test
    • Correlation Matrix (Pearson’s Correlation Coefficient)
    • Hypothesis Tests
    • t-Test and Paired t-Test
    • F Test
    • Independence Test
    • Test of Proportions (Two Sample Proportions Test)
    • 1 Way ANOVA
  • Confidence Interval
  • Sample Size Calculation
  • MSA Template to aid in data entry
  • ANOVA Analysis
  • XbarR Analysis
  • Attribute Analysis
  • Main Effects Plot
  • Unstack Columns
  • Run Chart
  • Cusum Chart
  • Product Capability Report
  • FMEA
  • Xbar +/- 3s Chart
  • Display flow charting toolbar
  • Create PF/CE/CNX/SOP Template
  • Create PF/CE/CNX/SOP Diagram
  • Ch-Squared
  • Exponential
  • F Distribution
  • Gamma
  • Lognormal
  • Normal
  • Standard Normal
  • Student’s t
  • Uniform
  • Weibull
  • Inverse Chi-Squared
  • Inverse F Distribution
  • Inverse Normal
  • Inverse Standard Normal
  • Inverse Student’s t
  • Binomial
  • Critical Binomial
  • Hypergeometric
  • Poisson
  • Negative Binomial
  • Uniform
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