Product Details

SpamTitan is an anti-spam filter, for businesses, MSPs, and schools, which identifies and blocks malicious and spam emails. Designed to control, clean and protect corporate email flow, SpamTitan supports multi-layered analysis, authentication, anti-virus protection, whitelisting and blacklisting, and more.


SpamTitan by TitanHQ Feature

  • Spam filter
  • Allow / block list
  • Quarantine
  • Email recovery
  • Email routing
  • Multi-layered analysis
  • Malware blocking
  • Email security
  • Unsolicited email blocking
  • Phishing attempt blocking
  • Spoofing blocking
  • Illicit content blocking
  • Double antivirus protection
  • Whitelisting
  • Blacklisting
  • Anti-spam engine
  • Filter rules
  • Cluster
  • Activity logging
  • Audit trail
  • Content filtering
  • Data visualization
  • Search functionality
  • Encryption
  • Advanced tests
  • SASL authentication
  • Spam blocker
  • Spam check
  • Access controls
  • Anti spam
  • Virus blocking


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