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Slido for Enterprise

Interact with employees across your organization
with our enterprise‑ready features.

  • Know what’s going on in your enterprise: Find out what your employees think by collecting their questions for your all-hands meetings or leadership AMA.
  • Collect insights for a better workplace: Bring live polls to your meetings to learn your team’s views on creating a better workplace for all.
  • More effective internal education: Make your training sessions fun and help the team retain more information with live polls.

Security at heart

We work hard to keep your information safe with our enterprise-ready features and compliance with various industry standards.

  • ISO Certifications: We are audited by an independent certification body and we are ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified.
  • Custom data retention policy: Decide how long your data will remain on our servers after your event.
  • GDPR and data protection: Ensure the privacy of your users’ data with a provider committed to GDPR and other relevant laws and regulations.
  • SAML based SSO for admins: Protect the access to your administrator interface and analytics with SAML based single sign-on.
  • SSO for employees: Manage access to your meetings and events with attendee authentication (passcode, Google OAuth, SAML based SSO – e.g. Okta or OneLogin).
  • Restricted sign-ups: Ensure that people in your company join your Slido license instead of creating their own personal accounts.

Simple user management and collaboration

Enable your colleagues to host their own meetings with Slido, while staying in control of your company license.

  • Team management: Add, remove or change roles of users under your organization.
  • Organization settings: Save time by choosing the default theme, branding and other settings for all your events
  • Share access: Invite your colleagues to help you manage questions or polls for a specific event.


Data at your fingertips

Uncover the sentiments circulating in your company. All employee questions and poll votes are automatically captured and stored in Slido Analytics, ready for download and analysis.

  • Event & Account Analytics: Get an overview of your event interactions and account activity.
  • Exports: Export your data to Google Sheets or Excel files and share them with your stakeholders.
  • Data Connector: Connect Slido data to your in-house Business Intelligence tools for unlimited processing.