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Site Recovery




Site Recovery

Orchestrate and automate disaster recovery with NAKIVO Backup & Replication

Orchestrate disaster recovery across multiple sites

Automate disaster recovery activities for maximum efficiency

Perform non-disruptive recovery testing at any time

Ensure Availability of Your Virtual Infrastructure

Achieving 24/7 availability of business operations and virtual environments is essential for any company that wants to stay competitive in the modern business landscape. Having a comprehensive disaster recovery plan in place can serve this purpose, minimizing downtime and preventing loss of revenue.

However, manual implementation of disaster recovery activites is time- and labor-intensive – not to mention that identifying the problems in your infrastructure can be a slow process.

NAKIVO Backup & Replication addresses this challenge with the advanced Site Recovery functionality, which enables you to achieve continuous delivery of IT services. By arranging actions and conditions into an automated algorithm, you can create Site Recovery jobs of any complexity that suit all your current needs, while retaining the ability to modify, test, or supplement your SR jobs at any time without disrupting the production environment.

How Does Site Recovery Work?

Site Recovery in NAKIVO Backup & Replication was built with maximum versatility and convenience in mind, requiring as little input on your part as possible. This is a flexible feature suited for multiple purposes, including disaster recovery, disaster avoidance, planned migration, etc.

The Site Recovery suite includes sets of actions and conditions that can be combined to create a Site Recovery job of any complexity. You can create a simple SR job to cater for a specific scenario (e.g., local power outage) as well as a complex one for comprehensive disaster recovery orchestration. Likewise, each of these jobs can be fully automated, requiring minimal input on your part, or manual, which allows for more granular control over all your disaster recovery activities.

Advantages of Using the Site Recovery Feature

Ensuring constant availability with Site Recovery is easy and intuitive; however, the feature is well-developed and versatile, bringing numerous benefits to your DR tool kit.

Orchestrate and automate disaster recovery

With NAKIVO Backup & Replication, you don’t need to manually monitor your system for possible problems. The product can periodically check the state of your VMs and notify you whether some of your VMs are unreachable. You can then run your main comprehensive SR job with a few clicks if necessary.

Create multiple SR jobs

Use different SR jobs for different purposes, such as disaster avoidance or planned migration of your data centers. Use multi-site SR jobs for planned migrations or create a primary Site Recovery job to minimize downtime and service disruption. The number of SR jobs created with the Site Recovery feature is unlimited; you can have a specific job in place for every type of unplanned event

Test and update your existing SR jobs

With Site Recovery, you get a multifunctional solution suitable for both on-demand protection and scheduled testing. Every Site Recovery job you create can be tested without disrupting your production environment. Moreover, you can easily update any existing job and tailor the whole process to your specific needs.

Meet your recovery time objective (RTO)

For every Site Recovery job, you can set an RTO and see if your target can be met. This can help you assess whether your planned disaster recovery operations and infrastructure meet your expectations in terms of the recovery speed as well as avoid unforeseen difficulties if an actual disaster strikes.

Decrease TCO

The Site Recovery feature significantly decreases your disaster recovery TCO (total cost of ownership) by letting you spend less time, effort, and investment on enhancing the resilience of your virtual infrastructure.

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