Simulink Requirements


Author, manage, and trace requirements to models, generated code, and test cases

Simulink Requirements lets you author, analyze, and manage requirements within Simulink. You can create rich text requirements with custom attributes and link them to designs, code, and tests. Requirements can be imported from external sources, and you can receive automatic notification when requirements change. You can view the requirements and design together, establish links with drag and drop, annotate diagrams with requirements content, analyze requirements traceability, and navigate between requirements, designs, generated code, and tests.

Simulink Requirements indicates when changes occur to linked requirements, designs, or tests. It calculates the implementation and verification status of your requirements, enabling you to assess project completeness. Support for industry standards is available through [IEC Certification Kit (for ISO 26262 and IEC 61508)] and [DO Qualification Kit (for DO-178)].

Key Features

  • Requirements Editor for requirements authoring, editing, and organization
  • Requirements Perspective for viewing, linking, and managing requirements within the Simulink graphical editor
  • Requirements import and synchronization from third-party tools such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel
  • Change tracking and differencing to automatically identify and manage changing requirements
  • Consolidated status metrics for requirements implementation and verification
  • Reports documenting requirement attributes, traceability, and status
  • Bidirectional traceability between requirements, designs, generated code, and tests



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