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Sharable test assets

Drive efficiency, reuse, and lower maintenance costs across projects. Use Silk Central’s ability to share tests across projects, along with associated links to requirements.

Visually impaired accessibility support

Silk Central offers accessibility needs for visually impaired users through enhanced navigation. This allows the use of the keyboard and facilitates audible feedback through screen readers with support for NVDA and JAWS.

Keyword-driven testing

Teams can now create automated tests without having to write a single line of code, by combining keywords. Tests can also be created even if the application is not yet built. Keywords can be implemented with Selenium or Silk Test®.

Manual mobile testing

Facilitate teams to perform manual mobile testing against both physical and virtual devices direct in your environment direct from Silk Central®. Further, extend your mobile solution with integration to Mobile Center and SauceLabs.

Integrates with Micro Focus Mobile Center

The new integration allows execution of your automated functional tests on mobile devices. It also facilitates Silk Test® to create and execute against mobile devices.

Distribute your test execution

Silk Central introduces greater resource efficiency around parallel execution by allowing you to execute a single test plan across multiple test execution servers within your environment.

Greater mobile testing

Use the inbuilt device lab capabilities for access to a centralized pool of mobile devices within your environment, or connect to Micro Focus Mobile Center.

Integrated issue tracking

Use the in-built issues tracking capabilities of Silk Central to raise, track, and manage issues against test assets while following a defined workflow relevant to your organization.

Improved ROI with cross browser configuration testing

Execute a single script across multiple browsers. Gain detailed reporting and full visual insight into the progress across execution. Requires installation of Silk4J.

Open test management framework

Silk Central’s custom integrations developed through the open API enable extensions for requirements, source control, automation, virtualization, and issue management tools.

Provide insight into test execution with TestBook

Facilitate collaboration with real-time visibility, communication, and updates from the test team. Test teams can share feedback and progress in real-time by posting comments as they test, directly to TestBook.

Highlight risk mitigation and quality goals

Silk Central measures quality goal progress as well as summarizes which tests are needed to satisfy your quality goals and how long they will take. This not only helps gain insight into test progress but also to manage resources and effort accordingly.

Open reporting and report subscriptions

Keep business costs in check with access to Silk Central reports without the need to login or obtain licenses. For clear visibility on your program portal, publish reports to personal dashboards via email or externally facing URL.

Manually execute planning

Use Silk Central to define what to test, when to test, and who will test. Choose ad-hoc tests to include in your test plan, tests not yet executed, or tests that have defined quality goals.


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