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ScriptRunner for Jira



ScriptRunner for Jira is a popular plugin developed by Adaptavist that extends the functionality of Jira by allowing users to write and execute scripts to automate tasks, customize workflows, and enhance Jira’s capabilities. Here are some key features of ScriptRunner for Jira:

  1. Script Automation: Users can write scripts in Groovy, a powerful scripting language for the Java platform, to automate various tasks within Jira.
  2. Custom Workflow Functions: It provides additional workflow functions that can be used to customize and enhance Jira’s workflow capabilities.
  3. Enhanced JQL Functions: ScriptRunner adds new JQL (Jira Query Language) functions, allowing users to perform more complex and powerful searches in Jira.
  4. Custom Event Handlers: Users can create custom event handlers to respond to specific events in Jira, such as issue creation or status transitions.
  5. Scheduled Jobs: It allows users to schedule scripts to run at specific times or intervals, automating repetitive tasks.
  6. Custom REST Endpoints: Users can create custom REST endpoints to interact with Jira data and perform custom actions.
  7. Script Fragments: ScriptRunner provides script fragments that can be used to add custom functionality to Jira’s user interface.
  8. Integration with other Atlassian Products: It integrates with other Atlassian products, such as Confluence and Bitbucket, allowing users to extend the functionality of these products as well.

ScriptRunner for Jira is highly customizable and provides advanced scripting capabilities, making it a valuable tool for Jira administrators and power users looking to automate and customize their Jira instances