Sandy Knoll 3D Maker


3D Maker Software for Making Anaglyphs, Stereograms, and 3DMF Objects for Mac and Windows.


  • Create Stereograms
  • 3D Glasses Filter – Anaglyphs
  • Single or dual frame Anaglyphs
  • Create 3DMF objects or images with 3d effects
  • Create 3DMF Cubes
  • Create 3DMF Spheres
  • Create 3DMF Cones
  • Deform images into 3DMF Objects
  • 3D Animated Flags
  • Add 3D Text to images
  • Emboss Filter for images
  • Drop Shadows
  • Lasso and Pen tools for making selections easy.
  • Plus many more miscellaneous image filters.
  • Swap or extract 3DMF colors and textures
  • Use a depth map for making 3d Stereograms




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