Release Control


Easily monitor progress using dashboards and reports

Gain insight across the end-to-end release lifecycle with Release Control. View dashboards, calendars and unified timelines release trains, application releases, and deployment environments.


Plan, track, and control all stages of the release train

Micro Focus Release Control provides best-practice templates that can easily be customized to align with existing release policies.


Automate deployments and tasks

Release Control unifies deployment processes and release task lists by automating large-volume, highly repetitive tasks across systems, tools, and teams.


Connect and integrate Dev and Ops teams

Enterprise-wide release management involves teams from different organizations, locations, and even cultures. This environment tends to create barriers and silos that breed uncertainty and even distrust.


Scale up as needed—even to the global enterprise level

Release Control is a highly scalable, secure, customer-proven platform that integrates global, large-scale deployments and enterprise-grade security with high availability and failover.


Comprehensive release management, from dev to production

Release Control is a comprehensive solution to manage the application release management lifecycle from development through deployment into production.


Release coordination across both mainframe and distributed systems

Release Control is one of the only systems that can track releases across both mainframe and distributed systems.


Actionable insight from dashboards and reports

Release Control provides a dashboard of key performance indicators (KPIs) and nearly 50 ready-to-use reports to help make impactful business decisions and accelerate delivery.


Manage complex test and production environments

Schedule, manage, track, and control all of the test and pre-production environments in the application release lifecycle.


Simplified release processes

Increase productivity, eliminate waste, enhance collaboration, and improve control.


Integrate with ease

Integrate effortlessly with enterprise tools by providing a single source of truth with secure data quality and integrity, full insight, and visibility for all stakeholders—regardless of the methodology or technologies you already use.



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