Reflection for Secure IT Gateway


Bridge the UNIX-Windows gap

With one tool, from one location, put the power of SSH, a staple in the UNIX world, to work in your Windows environment. Safely transfer files between Windows servers, or from Windows servers to UNIX servers.

Automation of your routine

Gone are the days of visiting individual desktops or manually performing repetitive transfer-related tasks. Need to move a file or restart a service? Schedule events to happen automatically, through a secure channel.

Getting back to basics

Stop asking partners, customers, and offsite employees to jump through configuration hoops. Support simple, secure, drag-and-drop file transfers through a web browser. Single-user transfers have never been so easy.

Encrypted tunnel building

Build encrypted SSH tunnels when and where you need them making sure data and files move safely from point A to point B. Together, the SSH client and server form a secure “tunnel” through which all communications travel.

Authenticate and authorize

Verify user or system identity. Block unauthorized access to private files or systems. Built-in support for Kerberos, PKI, passwords, public keys, smart cards, and RSA SecureID makes it possible.


Expose files for inspection and processing

Continue using SFTP to shield file transfers from spying eyes, while giving IT critical visibility. Expose files for inspection by third-party tools. Evaluate malicious activity tied to privileged users and manage post-transfer processing.


Automation of business processes

Streamline transfers and routine tasks. Get the job done with APIs, batch scripts, and highly configurable command-line utilities. Make work even easier with centralized automation control.



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