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Product Details

REES46 determines demographical and physiological characteristics of a customer using Progressive Personalization approach. Information on age, gender, clothing and shoe size, pets, occupations, number and age of children, price preferences and purchase frequency enables organizations to offer relevant product recommendations, digest newsletters, and triggers to potential customers.


REES46 Feature

  • API
  • Abandoned cart remarketing
  • Activity dashboard
  • Adaptive sCommerce Search
  • Advertising analytics
  • Audience segmentation
  • Behavior pattern tracking
  • CRM
  • Create new communication channels via API
  • Create unique complex recommendation algorithms
  • Customer analytics
  • Customer segmentation
  • Digest emails
  • Drip marketing
  • Email marketing tool
  • Event logs
  • Feedback forms
  • Geolocation
  • Loyalty program
  • Media advertising
  • Offline recommedations
  • Personalized emails
  • Personalized product recommendations
  • Personalized search
  • Product reviews
  • Real customer insights
  • Responsive and non-intrusive banners
  • Shopping history tracking
  • Special offers subscription form
  • Subscriber management
  • Tailor search results based on individual interests
  • Templates / themes
  • Trigger based emails
  • Triggered web push notifications
  • White label solutions
  • mCommerce


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