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RedGate SQL Toolbelt



RedGate SQL Toolbelt is a collection of SQL Server tools designed to simplify database development, administration, and performance tuning.

Key Features:

  1. SQL Prompt: Provides advanced code completion, formatting, and refactoring for SQL Server queries.
  2. SQL Source Control: Enables version control for database schema and static data, making it easy to manage database changes.
  3. SQL Compare: Compares and synchronizes database schemas and data, ensuring consistency across development, testing, and production environments.
  4. SQL Data Compare: Compares and synchronizes database data, ensuring data consistency and integrity.
  5. SQL Backup: Provides advanced backup and recovery capabilities for SQL Server databases.
  6. SQL Monitor: Offers real-time monitoring and alerting for SQL Server performance, helping to identify and resolve issues quickly.
  7. SQL Dependency Tracker: Visualizes database dependencies, making it easy to identify and refactor complex database relationships.


  1. Improved Productivity: Simplifies database development, administration, and performance tuning with a comprehensive suite of tools.
  2. Enhanced Database Consistency: Ensures consistency and integrity of database schema and data across environments.
  3. Faster Issue Resolution: Enables rapid identification and resolution of SQL Server performance issues with real-time monitoring and alerting.
  4. Better Database Design: Facilitates better database design and optimization with advanced code completion, refactoring, and dependency tracking