Quizmaker 360


Quizmaker 360

Easily add quizzes to your courses
Author assessments quickly
With its simple user interface and intuitive features, Quizmaker 360 makes it super easy to create quizzes, surveys, drag and drops, and other assessments. Choose from 25 form based question types to build quizzes in seconds. Or use freeform questions to transform any object or groups of objects into a decision making activity in minutes.

Speed project reviews

Finish projects faster with Review 360, the web‑based review app that’s part of Articulate 360. Simply upload your Quizmaker 360 assessment to quickly gather and share feedback. Stakeholders can see the latest version, make in‑context comments, and chime in on existing threads. And you can easily view, resolve, and respond to their feedback, keeping everyone in sync.



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