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Proteus PCB Design Level 1


Proteus PCB Design Level 1 is a professional PCB design software that combines schematic capture and ARES PCB layout programs, providing an integrated suite of tools. Let’s dive into its key attributes:


  • Seamlessly combines schematic capture and PCB layout, making it popular for modern PCB Layout.
  • Offers a powerful and easy-to-use set of tools for professional PCB design.
  • Designed with functionality, simplicity, and tight integration with schematic design in mind.
  • All Proteus PCB design products include shape-based auto-routing and basic SPICE simulation capabilities.

Key Features:

  • Professional schematic capture and customizable BOM reporting.
  • Global shape-based auto-routing and external auto-router interface.
  • Includes a 6-Month Update Service Contract (USC).
  • Professional PCB and Layer Stackup Management.
  • Full Design Rule Management.
  • Ability to reuse designs and layouts with Project Clips.
  • Shape-based power planes are unlimited.
  • Assembly Variants for Product Configuration are supported.
  • Microscopic multi-modal traffic flow simulation.
  • Pins in the netlist vary; Level 1 has 1000 pins, while Level 1+ offers 2000 pins